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The award-winning concrete stone for modern design in city and landscape.

UMBRIANO® is characterized by extraordinary variety and quality in function and design and available as paving stone and slab in many colours and sizes and it is popular all over the world for many years. Whether than slabs in five centimeter thickness for pedestrian areas or as paving system in eight to eighteen centimeter thickness, that bears up against the highest traffic loads - the fine grained concrete stones Umbriano with unchamfered edges and the appearance of a sawn natural stone are popular in the private and public area. They revaluate entrance areas, sidewalks, boulevards and urban spaces – in each case as an individual with an unique grain.

With its unchamfered edges, Umbriano® enables the design of surfaces with a smooth and homogeneous appearance with very good accessibility. Due to the CleanTop® surface protection with CF 90, the maintenance of the stone is very easy. The production process, which was developed specifically for Umbriano®, is unique and internationally patented. Umbriano® was awarded with the iF product design award and nominated for the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany.




  • Grained surface with natural appearance.
  • Awarded with renowned prize awards.
  • Each stone is unique due to the patented production process.
  • Resistant to frost and de-icing salt.
  • Non-slip.
  • The unchamfered edges are a particular feature of Umbriano´s special charisma.
  • Wide variety of sizes. Thickness of stone possible from 5 to 18 cm. Available with or without chamfer.
  • Special method of stone hardening by a clima-guided surface processing.
  • METTEN-innovation. Registered design. Production process patented..


CleanTop® protection system with Clean Factor CF 90 (integral part of the production process):

  • Reduced dirt absorption.
  • Natural appearance combined with surface protection.
  • Easier to clean compared to a product without CleanTop®.
  • Inhibits algae and moss.



Umbriano nominated by the “Design award Germany 2012”

Umbriano has been nominated by the renowned „Design award Germany 2012”. Umbriano is the harmonic combination of nature and design. Unchamfered edges reminds of sawn natural stone. The grained surface with its natural appearance gives a unique look on every slab and every stone. Better than nature is the CleanTop protection with CF 90.

Umbriano awarded with the “iF product design award 2011”.

Since 57 years is the “iF product design award” a global approved Trademark with regard to excellent design. The brand iF is established as a symbol with regard to outstanding design efforts long ago. iF acts meanwhile from Hannover, Munich, Taiwan, Korea and Brasilia. We are happy to let you know, that Umbriano gained the “iF product design award” 2011 and is one of the winner of the renowned iF label – selected by a jury of 2.756 applications from 43 nations.


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