umbriano Illinois Evanston Fountain Square Plaza


Evanston Fountain Square Plaza, Evanston, Illinois

Located in the heart of downtown Evanston, Fountain Square Plaza has a long-lasting history as a cultural center and an integral piece of the city’s urban fabric. As part of the Fountain Square revitalization project, the City had decided to extend the plaza and repurpose the underutilized vehicle lanes, narrowing the surrounding streets and creating a more pedestrian-oriented area. One of the plaza’s centerpieces – the decorative fountain, which was installed in the 1970s – had also built up numerous maintenance issues over the years, taking up most of the space. Improvements included a renovated open plaza area with an upgraded fountain feature and a veteran’s memorial wall.

The space was renovated with the help of a Chicago area urban planning and landscape architecture firm. Teska Associates, Inc. The new Fountain Square Plaza is decorated with young trees, seating features, bike racks and lighting fixtures. The vibrant shared streetscape serves as a community event space and connects multiple streets, accommodating the thousands of people who pass through this plaza every day.

Project USA, Chicago, Illinois Evanston Fountain Square Plaza
Sizes Sonderfarbe
Architect Teska Associates, Inc.