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METTEN Stein+Design has over 30 years of experience in licensing - and in 25 countries by now. The development of continuous new technologies and products for the concrete stone industry is one of our core competences. Umbriano® has been an internationally sought-after product among architects and private builders for many years.

Technologie and
product development

Umbriano Platte umbriano stein punkte
Each stone is unique
Easier to clean due to
reduced dirt absorption
Umbriano®-technology with the
impression of a sawn natural stone
Natural appearance combined
with surface protection
Reduced lime efflorescence

The Umbriano® technology is also accompanied by the consulting and implementation of a very efficient coating system. For more than 20 years METTEN Stein+Design has experience and know-how in the development and application of concrete products. With CleanTop® technology, products become more resistant against dirt, weathering and wear, colours remain more brilliant and lime efflorescence is essential reduced. We would also be happy to advise you on the coating of other products in your portfolio.

The advantages for manufacturers:

Production of Umbriano technology is possible on almost all conventional concrete production machines.
Low investment costs.
Wide choice of colouring and recipes possible.
Surface protection due to coating application.
Worldwide delivery of coating and aggregates.
Significant market advantage through patented technology.
Use of the international Trademark “Umbriano®”.

The way to your

stein staub
1. Development of product- and market strategies
2. Check of technical requirements
pullout diagram
3. Conception and delivery of required machine components
4. Know-how transfer
5. Training of machine operator while running production in Overath, Germany
umbriano team
6. Implementation of technology in situ
7. Marketing support including use of trademark Umbriano®

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